Praise for Best Baby Ever

I saw Vicki and Winnie back in July of 2016. My son had a tongue tie, torticollis, and we had a difficult time initially breastfeeding. I ended up exclusively pumping for 3 weeks but with the help of those two amazing women, I was able to build an amazing nursing relationship with my son. He will be 18 months on Monday and I am still nursing him before his nap and before bed. I am currently pregnant with baby boy #2 and due in April. If we need any assistance, I will definitely come back to your office. I was so sad to hear about Vicki. She was so wonderful. I just wanted to send a long overdue thank you for all the help, motivation, and confidence that you gave me to form a lasting nursing relationship with my son. Thanks again! – Kathryn
As a mother, my greatest concern was to find a trustworthy and qualified person who would be nurturing to my boys. As a physician, I have an often busy and time restricted schedule, so when the time came for me to look for a nanny to help care for my two boys I needed someone who was trusted, reliable, well-qualified and could handle the frequent changes in my schedule. Every nanny that Whole Life Home Care sends to your home has been background checked, and comes with references you can contact. With as variable as my family’s schedule can be, it can often take more than one person to cover all of the times that I may need to be at the hospital helping other mom’s. Whole Life Home Care always accommodated my family’s needs. We have been using their nanny’s happily since grandma returned home when our littlest was just a year old. The boys do wonderfully with their nanny, and look forward to the time, activities and play that they share when she is here. I have had a wonderful experience with Whole Life Home Care, primarily because I knew the people that founded and run the company, and that they have the same care and concerns about raising children as I do. – Dr. Tricia Rambur


Meredith Paige
Postpartum Doula / Nanny
Thank god I had Meredith as my doula for the birth of my son! I had a really hard labor that lasted 36 hours. Meredith was there along with us every step of the way and there is no way I could have stuck to my plan to have a natural birth without her. She knew what I needed when I had no idea… she has so much knowledge and intuition, which was invaluable to us and our birth experience. She made my husband feel at ease and showed him ways he could help. She gave us space when we needed it and stepped in when things got tough. I’m so grateful she was there to guide us through such a special and transformative experience. If you hire Meredith as your doula you will be in the best hands.

-Gabby Fox

Hiring Meredith as our doula was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made! Meredith is a beautiful person and her love and respect the beauty of birth was evident from the first time we met. I wanted a natural birth and to labor at home for as long as possible before going to the hospital, and I think she is the main reason that this vision became reality. While I was pregnant, she always checking in with me to see how I felt, emotionally and physically, and to answer any questions I had. Her support gave me vital confidence going into labor. During labor, Meredith calmly guided us through the process with an amazing intuition. I am still amazed at how she knew exactly what I needed even before I did: getting in the tub, going for a walk, kicking loved ones out of the room :), eating, and when exactly to leave for the hospital. We would have gone way too early! She was also very helpful in explaining what might happen and what options we had. Her knowledge, wonderful massage, pain distracting techniques, and visualization exercises helped me stay at peace and have a natural birth. Just when I thought I couldn’t do it anymore, she pulled out a new “trick.” I truly don’t think I would have been able to resist pain medication without Meredith’s support. Once our daughter was born, she stayed with us at the hospital for a couple of hours to help the baby latch on for the first time, and make sure everyone was content. My husband also felt completely supported and was able to have as stress free an experience as possible. He says he’ll do anything to have Meredith present at our next birth, even if we have to fly her to us! We are so lucky to have had Meredith as our doula and in our lives.

-Jessica Michelsen

Our birth experience with Meredith was amazing. She is the most kind, gentle and calming person I know. She has a way about her that put me at ease during my whole pregnancy, and then at the birth. It was my first child and my husband and I were very new to the game. We did not have any background with babies or natural birth, but Meredith spent a lot of time with us and was extremely informative. She also empowered my husband with both knowledge and courage to know that he was strong enough to handle this adventure we were about to embark on. At the birth, she exhibited the same calm, but very capable ways and created the opening for the greatest birth experience I could have imagined. She knew when to insert herself assertively if needed, but she also knew how to blend into the background and let my husband and I share in this miracle. She is very perceptive, intuitive and truly believes in and respects the beauty of birth. I could not have imagined experiencing this process without her. She will always be in our lives and I truly feel is a part of our family.

– Leilani Fraser