Postpartum Doulas are highly skilled at bringing harmony to the home with a new baby.   Our DONA certified doulas can educate, nurture, comfort and organize. They care for mother, baby and the whole family in the first weeks after birth. They can also run errands, prepare meals, care for siblings, provide parents with a night’s sleep. Insurance reimbursement is available through some PPO plans that provide doula coverage.


First time inexperienced mother

Mother of Multiples/Twins and triplets

Mother post cesarean delivery

Mother healing from a complicated or traumatic birth

Single mothers/ Mother with large families

Maternal Postpartum Depression/Anxiety


Challenging Breast or bottle feeder

Twins or triplet

Premature or Post NICU stay baby

Persistent Crying and Colic

Unable to Gain weight

Poor Sleeper

“My husband and I hadn’t slept in days when Best Baby Ever sent us an angel from heaven. Our doula helped us get a good night’s sleep and showed us ways to soothe and calm our colicky baby. For two first time parents with great educations but no experience having a doula come and care for us was the best decision we ever made. Best Baby Ever made it quick and easy to set up and we even received partial reimbursement from our insurance. ”