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Your Best Nanny will connect families looking for quality in home childcare with experienced, and educated nannies who will work as employees for the family.

Our nannies have been through background checks including; TRUSTLINE – the California Registry of In-Home Child Care Providers, the DMV, drug screening, CPR certification, verification process of work history, degrees or certifications, and reference checks. Additional requirements include a minimum 5 years of work experience, and child care education/experience.

All of our nannies are chosen because we would love them to care for our own children. We look for outgoing, cheerful and easy to get along with nannies who have education in child development and experience with children. Our staff takes the extra time to provide you with several choices. You may interview with two to three nannies selected just for you. We can also arrange a working interview where you can evaluate how the nanny interacts with your child over the course of a day or night. We believe that a successful nanny placement is based on our guided interview process, our selection of quality caregivers and our understanding of your needs.

” I was so thankful for Sarah as she had experience with the difficulties of feeding an infant with Down’s Syndrome. She also had patience and energy to spare when I had none left. I could go to my bedroom, close the door and sleep knowing that Sarah would love and feed my little bear the best way possible”

Best Baby Ever makes finding Your Best Nanny very simple. We charge a flat placement fee with a 90 day guarantee. If your nanny placement does not work out within 90 days we will help place a new nanny for no additional cost to you. For full placement details please contact our office 858-369-5930 so that we can set up an appointment with your family. For families needing just a night out, Best Baby Ever offers care on an hourly basis, rates start at $25/hr and are based on the ages and number of children in the home. Please call to reserve care.